How Can I Feel Regret For …. ?

“What is the things you regret the most”, asked Di to me in the middle of Truth or Truth game. I took a couple of minutes and answered “Nothing”. I thought I’ll never regret for the things I’ve done, and if I had, that must be too late and nothing I can do for that. The Truth or Truth then turned into chance for us to share our ‘journey’ for about 3 months since we talked about the same things on previous game. About how Gos faced twisted plots on his job, how Ul regrets for what Gos have done last week, how Di told us about the ending on his recruitment episode, and how Dal respond all of our stories with her own style.

Maybe if Di changed his questions into “What is the things you’ll never regret in your life?” , I’ll have different answer. I’ll say “Be a part of you all, be a part of this circle, will be included.” And I believe they’ll have the same answer for that question. How can I regret the place which is the only one place besides home, for me to tell my problem without feel fear? How can I regret for them, who always want to listen my stories, who always make me feel comfortable? How can I regret this friendship, though it has up and down, at least we still have each other till now? How can I regret all the times we spent together, when it is the one of my favorite ways to spend my weekend? How can I regret for all things we’ve been through, when it could be the warmest things we have each other?


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