The Inner Circle

“You know how some people, when they’re together, they somehow make you feel more hopeful? Make you feel like the world is not the insane place it really is?”

Last weekend was the nicest weekend since February 18th. Still with the same people : Ul, Gos, Dal, Di, and Bim, now we got additional-favourite-bullyable-buddies, Riz and Ci. We’ve planned to go to theme park together as we need to release our stress, our bad feeling, or (maybe) our problems and thank God it running well as we planned. We met at the station, and it’s good that I didn’t choose the wrong costume since we (six) have an-unwritten-rules to use monochrome theme costume. At least I’m not being an object to bully for wkwk.

After Gos, Di, and Bim take their time to pray and we girls have our lunch, we starting to making memories. Started with the extreme, more extreme, the what-the-hell-it-is, the scarier, the that-is-our-target-to-crash, the wet, until the so-sweet ones, we played like the-kids-who-never-growing-up-into-adult. Some photographs has been taken, more laughter has been there, but the time can’t stop itself.

I’m so happy to see them, to be with them (as always), to fulfill my promise to take them there as my thankful gift for their never-ending-support-and-love. Since my worst time ever last year, my life – my work life – is getting better now.  Not at all, but I’m so grateful for now, and hope will always be. They knew me (maybe) better than my parents did. They knew my up and always there when I’m down. They knew the time I dissapear, came to make sure that I’m okay, take few steps back when I said I need time to healing, but never too far to make sure that I can find them soon whenever I need them.

For all the time we’ve been through, I love them no matter whoever they are. I know, sometimes they talk too much and so annoying. But the way they show their care to each other, the way Gos try (so hard) to make me smile and laugh without bullying me , the way Ul sit beside me and ask “come on, what’s wrong with you, Marr?”, the way Di and Dal wink to make me say something, the way Bim say nothing as always, the way Riz and Ci ask “did I do something wrong that make you feel unhappy?” that’s make me so comfortable, and so grateful to have them as my inner circle.


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