The only easy day was yesterday-0A

In the one fine day at the near end of 2015, my ex-manager asked me to his office. That choleric-and-perfectionist-man-I’ve-ever-met often call his staffs just to ask or tell something. In that morning, he started the conversation with one quote “The Only Easy Day was Yesterday”. He told me his working journey in our company, especially from account manager became a structural managerial. He said that every place, every stage of our life, has so many challenges and it became more and more, so it’ll demand a different ‘us’. And the easiest day still yesterday.

Me, at two years ago, was a newcomer, who still did her on-job-training. I have nothing to say when he finished his story, I just smile and say ‘thank you’ for advice, stories, and wisdom he shared to me. And guess what, soon after that day, he promoted to other unit.

Shortly, 2016 came to replace 2015, and the day-I-didn’t-want-to-replay was started. There are always rough days every week, every month. If I could solve one problem, two were coming again, and again. Sometimes I asked myself “what the hell is going on?”, or “what’s wrong with this, with me?” But no one can help me to answer, not even myself.

A year after that, situation are getting better. Either it is my luck or momentum, or whatever I named it. But, better situation can’t always remove the challenges. It is become more as time goes by. In the afternoon when I decide to write this, I sit with only ‘me and my thought’, and series of moments since the day I heard quote that I wrote at the beginning of this stories. That all of things happened to us, has been written to us long time ago before we realized that, and the day we’ve through it was the day we connecting the dots, connecting every single moments we’ve been through. It was the day we realize that life can’t be always have straight path, sometimes we have a hill to climb or a river to cross to achieve our goals. That life always give a beatiful surprise for they who always be patient, for they who realize that yesterday always be the easiest day. And we must always be ready.


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